15 Reasons you should date someone with a hospitality background


Do you want to be the next MS Dhoni or JLo? Well, today I will present to you that one secret that is common to both of them. Both of these stars fell for someone from the hospitality industry. While JLo’s romance was short-lived, Captain Cool’s love story with his SO is still going strong. Okay, I cheated! Having a partner from the hospitality industry will not necessarily make you a star (yeah, that was just to grab eyeballs). But, there is no denying the fact that people from the hospitality industry are extremely dateable. Why, you ask? Read on, my friends:

  1. They are well behaved. Your bae has to exhibit good behavior for a living. Naturally, most of the time, if not always, they are at their best behavior.
  1. They have an immaculate grooming sense. Again, one of the perks of being in a profession where one has to be well dressed and well groomed. No formals with pair of sports shoes person for them, buddy.
  1. They can hold amazing conversations. Hotels are often called ‘home away from home’. People come here from all over, away from their families and with no one to have real meaningful conversations with. Guess whom they turn to for this? Hell, nowadays, even the chefs are no longer confined to the walls of the kitchen. With open and live kitchens becoming the ‘in thing’, a successful chef also has to be eloquent and a great conversationalist.
  1. They are charming, by default. Your bae is from the hospitality industry, so it is a given that they will be charming and hospitable, right? Being charming comes naturally to them. No doubt they will be extra super charming to their near and dear ones.
  1. They are caring. Have you ever noticed that in a good restaurant, your water glass gets refilled without you having to ask? Nah, not sorcery, just your server being his usual caring self. Now about some sorcery like this at home?
  1. They have some of the most interesting work stories to share everyday. Your SO will share their “you know what happened at work today?” stories with you. At least now you get to hear firsthand what Deepika Padukone actually eats for that flawlessness. Or maybe about the chef who cut off two different parts of his hand on the same day. Your bae would come prepared with the best work stories to share.
  1. You would be introduced to the finer things in life. Your bae would have a natural inclination towards the finer things in life, like fine wine, top class bed sheets, single origin chocolates, good food – all because of their close proximity to these things at work. Naturally, they would like to share their preferences with you too. Aahh…what a welcome break from baes always sharing their enthusiasm about sports and cars or feminism.
  1. Freebies, anyone? Babe, your bae is a hotelier. So chances are he knows other hoteliers who know other hoteliers. Basically in this small world of hoteliers, every hotelier knows every hotelier. Geddit? Now imagine you go out to eat a fancy ass restaurant, because you poochoo likes “trying out finer things” and a yummy decadent cake and a bottle of champagne appears on the table with a note “With compliments from the chef”. Your bae casually explains as he chews his food “Oh, the chef is a friend”. Now imagine this happening all too frequently. At bars, at eateries, at discos and a whole lot other places. Not only freebies, a lot of places offer ‘hotelier discounts’ or ‘hotelier nights’. Happy hours, anyone?
  1. Feel like a royalty everywhere! In addition to getting a lot of freebies, you would also feel like royalty at almost all the places you walk in. You know birds of a feather seem to know each other.
  1. They are hard working and honest. Your bae regularly has to work grueling long shifts, where they are privy to a lot of money, liquor, guest information, etc. Hard work and honesty are the two prime qualities they have to posses to stick to this profession. Now I for sure do not mind a well mannered, well groomed, honest person to hold on to for life.
  1. They are jugaadu. In the hospitality world, the guest can never be wrong. Even when he asks for two tickets to a Taylor Swift concert on that very day. Even when he wants to eat a gluten free whole wheat roti. How do you handle all these? Hire a very jugaadu person to solve everything. Who is this jugaadu person? Your bae. Keep that in mind the next time you wish to buy that Victoria’s Secret body mist that has yet not come to stores.
  1. They are always overworked and tired, so if they are making plans with you, it is serious. You know someone loves you when they include meeting up with you on their ‘important things to do’ list. When your special friend from the hospitality industry decides to meet you up, remember that they have chosen this over the very appealing idea of sleeping in (as in sleeping in after being on their feet for the last 12 hours).
  1. They are good with time. This is again one of those important traits which comes with the territory of being from the hospitality industry. So bye bye awkward long waits at cafes.
  1. Patient, not easily fazed. Remember the movie ‘Break Ke Baad’? Yeah the box office dud starring Imran Khan and Deepika Padukone. I only remember that Imran was a super sweet and patient guy who was a restaurant-er? Alright, not everything they show in movies is true. But this one is, trust me. How else would they deal with cranky jet lagged guests and their pesky shrieking kids at 2 AM? And ‘Voh pyar hi kya jisme takrar na ho?” During all those times when your mom shouts at them for pattaoing you, your bae will be rock solid beside you, all thanks to his zen like patience.
  1. They’ve seen it all. So if you’re feeling a little woozy or weepy, it’s not likely to scare them off.

Finally now comes the moment when you can relieve your BFF from the duties of holding your hair up when you puke. I mean, it happens to the best of us!!

So, don’t just sit and smile there….. Go find someone from the hospitality background.

Wrote by @TanimaSamaddar